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Addresses of units in which the Total Cervix Occlusion (TCO) is performed

The Total Cervix Occlusion, particularly the early form (ETCO), may be recommended for patients who have suffered from already one or more late abortions or premature births and who have had at that time

  • evidences of ascending infections or
  • when no other obvious cause was detectable (however not seldom there was an infection, even though no diagnostic proof could be found).

You can find further information about the operation:

for patients

for physicians

We have compiled a list of units in which a Total Cervix Occlusion is performed. Only those units are included which perform the TCO at least 5 times per year. To our knowledge the TCO is so far used only in German speaking countries.

You can find an address by looking at the list on our German page

If you know any foreign clinic, in which the Total Cervix Occlusion is performed, please let us know!

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