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Preventing Prematurity

We are here to help

Thanks to modern neonatal intensive care medicine premature babies have a much better chance now than previously.

Nevertheless, children born more than 8 weeks prior to the due date and those weighing under 1500 grams are still at significant risk of not surviving the first days or weeks or be affected later in life.

It’s therefore important to prevent prematurity rather than have a premature baby end up in the neonatal intensive care unit.

We are a supra-regional consultation center with emphasis on the prevention of premature births and our non-profit institution contributes significantly to the improvement of prenatal care. Since 2000 the work of the institute has been financed exclusively from private donations and support.

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Main focus of our work

I Prematurity-Prevention-Program and Self-Care-Program for pregnant women.

I Further development of existing steps for the prevention of premature births - including national and international cooperation

I Public relation activities concerning the significance and possibilities of preventing premature births, such as in women' and family journals and magazines

I Consultation of pregnant women preferably in German speaking countries with a history of miscarriages and premature births

I Information and consultation for physicians, gynecologists, midwives and pharmacies (chemist's shops)

I Lobbying for example with health care insurances and professional organizations in order to make self-care available to all pregnant women .

'Premature baby': born 13 weeks before term
Premature baby:
born 13 weeks before term

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