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Legal disclaimer concerning medical information

The Erich Saling-Institute of Perinatal Medicine offers advice on its website (, by telephone and in writing (including e-mail), of a purely general nature, which should in no way be understood as being a substitute for the personal consultation or care provided by the patient’s own doctor.

The information in question or the particulars given should not in any way be regarded as an indication of whether or not a particular illness or any other ailments in evidence. Nor should it be regarded as an invitation to undertake or to refrain from a certain course of treatment.

Recognition, and subsequent treatment, of an illness or any other ailment can only follow on from examination by a medical doctor. The information we provide should be understood only as a general and non-binding source of assistance for you and the doctor looking after you.

We accept no liability if the information given be misused for self-diagnosis or self-treatment contrary to the purpose explicitly stated therein. The same applies in any case where a necessary medical consultation does not take place on the basis of the information provided.

We give the names of the test gloves, resp. indicators of particular brands and manufacturers only as long as we are unaware of the availability of a comparable product. If you are aware of any such product, please let us know including by e-mail if so desired.

Website Contents

Medical knowledge is continuously changing due to advances in medical research. We do our best to communicate complex medical information in a way that can easily be understood and is fully in line with the latest scientific knowledge.

Nevertheless we cannot guarantee the relevance, correctness, completeness or quality of the information given. The authors disclaim any liability – whether it be through material or imagined damage caused by the use or non-use of the information offered, or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information – as long as no liability can be established on the part of the authors on the grounds of wilful misconduct or negligence.

The authors reserve the right to alter, supplement or delete parts or all of the website without prior notice and temporarily or permanently to suspend its publication.

References and links

Under the provisions of the judgement 312 O 85/89 of May 12th 1998 entitled “Liability for Links”, the regional court of Hamburg, Germany, ruled that, under particular circumstances, the creation of external Internet links entails liability for the contents of the linked web pages. According to this judgement, liability can only be obviated if an explicit statement is made to the effect that the contents do not reflect the views or positions of the site on which the links are found.

We therefore categorically state that the contents of any linked web pages in no way represent the official position or policy of the Institute and emphasize furthermore that we have no influence over those contents. The authors of the linked web pages bear sole responsibility for any illegal, erroneous, or incomplete site contents and in particular for any damages that may arise from the use or non-use of any information provided therein. This declaration applies to all links provided on our server as well as to lists of links and fora which are currently, or will become, active.

Data Protection

No personal data received by us are passed on to third parties.

The use by third parties of our contact details (postal addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses as published under the headings “Contact” or “Imprint”) for the purposes of sending unsolicited information is not permitted. In the event of any infringements of this order, we explicitly reserve the right to take legal action against the senders of so-called “spam mail”.

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The contents of our website are copyright reserved. They may be printed out, or saved into computer memory or once only onto hard disk or diskette for private use only. Cases in which texts are passed on with our explicit permission (for example to patients) are exempt from this ruling.

In the case of specialist or degree dissertations or other publications, excerpts from individual articles on this website may be reproduced as long as they are attributed. Any other use, in whole or in part, of texts, images or video sequences (explicitly including distribution via electronic media) is only permitted with the previous written permission of the Erich Saling-Institute of Perinatal Medicine.

Brand names and commercial terms are used on our website; even if these are not explicitly identified as such the appropriate safeguarding provisions apply.