Unfortunately, due to delivery difficulties of the manufacturer, it is currently not possible for us to provide the CarePlan VpH test gloves for pregnant women's self-care. Also in pharmacies the test gloves are unfortunately not available at the moment.

Our institute makes every effort to remedy this unfortunate condition as soon as possible. The chances are good, but unfortunately we do not yet know when the gloves will be available again.
It is best to take a look at this page from time to time. As soon as there is new information, we will report here about the state of things.

As long as the gloves are not available, we recommend temporarily using another product for pH self-measurement in the vagina, there are several. It is best to seek advice from a pharmacy of your choice.

We recommend that you document the pH values you have measured yourself in our pregnancy self-care pass.

The Erich Saling Institute team