History of the Materité Prizes

For concrete representation of Perinatal Medicine, in the 1970s Prof. Saling selected the Maternité sculpture by Parisian artist Madame Ellen Guastalla, which then was chosen as a statue for the German Maternité Prize and later also for the European Maternité Prize.

More details of the history of the European Maternité Prize are in this extract (PDF file) of an article by Prof. Saling and Prof. Di Renzo from the year 1996.
For details of the history of the German Maternité Prize, please see our regarding German page.

Current lists of the awardees can be found on the websites of the German Society for Perinatal Medicine (DGPM) and the European Association of Perinatal Medicine (EAPM).

Since the volume and importance of Perinatal Medicine is growing rapidly, it seemed opportune to establish a Global Maternity Prize. At the suggestion of Prof. Saling, the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine (IAPM) under the presidency of Prof. Asim Kurjak decided to award two Global Maternity Prizes each year at its General Assembly during the ceremonial part – one to an obstetrician, the other to a neonatologist or representative of another closely related discipline. The first prizes were awarded on 21.5.2019 in Moscow.

Maternité-Preis Maternité sculpture